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10 September 2020

Optiload: Improve the advertising KPIs

OptiLoad is Evolution ADV’s delivery technology designed to optimize Viewability and KPIs.

Optiload: Improve the advertising KPIs

For several years, the attention of investors in digital ADV has been concentrated on the KPIs related to display campaigns.

The use of obsolete technologies combined with a tagging criteria focused on quantity instead of quality have caused serious inefficiencies in the campaigns’ delivery over the years. A good example could be banners delivered on page never seen by the user.

This problem has been aggravated by the growth of mobile among the devices used for browsing.

Given the mistrust that this type of phenomenon has led to online advertising, the market has taken over with measurement technologies and monitoring viewability, leaving the responsibility to the publishers, who have to guarantee the correct integration of advertising to ensure that the impressions purchased by clients are actually viewed by users.

The solution to viewability problems? Optiload

Stridely has developed a proprietary technology called OptiLoad, which is integrated by default in our tagging system for Premium Publishers. Optiload allows you to maximize the values of Viewability by loading the ad only near the user’s scroll, with an undoubted advantage also in terms of web page loading speed and user experience.

This way the quality of the advertising inventory is preserved and it is possible for the publisher to increase the CPM instead of facing the risk of seeing his own site excluded from the purchase lists of customers and media agencies because of the poor performance of the ADV in terms of KPIs.

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