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Evolution ADV’s mission is to maximize the quality of the inventory presented to the market and obtain the highest possible profitability by selecting, integrating and optimizing all monetization channels available to digital publishers.


Increase your advertising revenues

We offer to our publishers a complete platform that allows to constantly monitor the quality, monetization and viewability of the campaigns on their websites.


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the benefits for publishers

We offer Header Bidding and Lazy Loading solutions to help quality publishers get the best price
for their advertising space by meeting the KPIs required by advertisers and media agencies.

Header Bidding

Header Bidding is the technology that allows you to maximize revenue and quality of the advertising inventory.


OptiLoad is Stridely's delivery technology designed to optimize Viewability and KPI.


Custom setup compliant with the highest speed standards, enhancing revenue optimization.


Integrations of video formats tailored to ensure high-level KPIs on each website.

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